How do I register for the SongkRUN?

Registration is completed online via the Eventbrite of this website.

I did not receive any email response after registering. Why is this?

There are few reasons, the email might be treated as spam or there’s typo in the email address during registration. Please contact us via our contact page.

Is there any group registration?

There is no group registration option in Kuala Lumpur.

What’s included with my registration fee?

Entry to SongkRUN Standard pack you will receive a top quality t-shirt, waterproof bag, medal and an event bag packed with SongkRUN sponsor supplied products. If you select Shooter pack you will receive additional water gun during the event day.

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer your registration to another person.

I’m from a running club or an organization, can I register my entire team of 50 members?

Please contact us via our contact page.

Race Kit

When is the race kit collection?

Race kit collection will happen few days to a week before the event date. We will release details of this as soon as possible.

What happens if I can’t personally make it to collect my race kit?

You may print and sign authorization form and get your friend to bring it on the collection day.

The SongkRUN

What time is the run on the event day? And where?

Registration starts at 7.00am and the run will kick off at 8.00am for first wave, 8.30am second wave, and 9am third wave. SongkRUN will be held at MAEPS, Persiaran MARDI – UPM, Selangor.

Do I need to be a runner or really fit to enter?

Absolutely not! If you think you can enjoy getting wet, walk, run, crawl or event dance then SongkRUN is for you.

Will it be sunny and hot?

Yes it will. So do bring some sun-block or tanning oil! It’s all up to you.

Is the SongkRUN open to people of all ages? How about children or strollers?

The SongkRUN Water Run is open to people above the age of 7 as there will be plenty of water and loud music being played across the track. All children will need a paid ticket to enter the race and be accompanied by parents or legal guardian at all time.

Is the event timed?

SongkRUN is a non-competitive, non-timed event.

Can we use cameras, phones, or devices during the run?

Of course! But please be careful as you already know it’s the happiest water run and everything will get wet. So make sure that you have it waterproofed.

Can pets participate?

Sorry no pets are allowed.

Can spectators come and join the fun?

Unfortunately no, this event is for paid participants.

Can I bring my own water gun?

Unfortunately NO, you cannot bring in your own water gun or water gun that was previously bought from our event for safety purpose. We have tight security to bar any water gun from going into the event space. However, we do sell it at the event day.

What if I’m injured during the event or otherwise unable to finish?

There are first aid stations located along the track and the party area so any injuries should be attended to by the appropriate medical staff. We do not give refunds for non-completion of the run.

Is there food?

Yes, we have food stores around the party area where you can buy food.

Are there toilets for us there?

YES, there are plenty.

The Water

How do we preserve water for the run?

We work with rain water harvester to preserve equal amount of water for the run.

How is water being played along the course?

At each zone we will have water gunners waiting for you as you pass we will shoot.

Can I dress in only bikini or in sexy apparel?

Sorry, you are not allowed to dress sexy apparel. Only our t-shirts are allowed. SongkRUN deserves the right to deny your participation if we find your apparel is inappropriate.

I’ve bought the Shooter pack, how do I refill water?

The water refillers are distributed across the track and party area, you can refill while water still available.

The Music Festival

Is SongkRUN a rave event? Is it a Songkran water festival event?

No, we are neither a rave party nor a Songkran water festival event.

Is there a party before and after the run?

Yes, we are featuring a Wet-Musical Station at each pit stop, make sure you have fun at each zone.